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A retired GP — looking back with thanks and forward with compassion

Some reflections on retirement… Ours is a great community. I look back with thanks, but forward with both compassion for the world and belief in our ability to be better than this. And in a deeper parallel, just as we as individuals consider our era, our transitions and re-birth, so must a profession consider its own, prompted by time or the times, to move on.

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Trust Me I’m a Millennial GP

As a 20-something millennial GP trainee, the sudden talk about the future of primary care is exciting. I once heard a futurologist say, “Don’t ask ‘what will it look like down line?’ ask ‘what do you want it to look like?’” I may not yet be in a position to orchestrate significant service redesign, but I can tell you what I would like my work place and career to look like.

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The Future of Medicine

The Changing Face of Medicine project is gathering momentum. As President of the BMA, Professor Pali Hungin launched a project to look into the impact of fast moving technological advances, the shifting role of the doctor, the adequacy of medical education, the nature of public and patient expectations of clinicians, the need for visionary medical leadership, and the well-being of clinicians themselves.

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Women in medicine: increasing in numbers but not regard

Throughout the last century we have witnessed major advancements for women in the UK, but gender inequalities continue to exist in the workplace. The NHS, established with the intent to treat everyone equally, is no exception. On average, female GPs — who now make up more than half of our workforce — continue to feel undervalued, hold less senior roles, and receive lower pay when compared to men.

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My first year as a GP physician associate

When I first qualified as a physician associate (PA), I had no intention to work in general practice, at least until later in my career. I was unsure of the impact a PA could have in a GP setting prior to the much anticipated statutory regulation and associated prescribing rights. Having a physician associate within the practice has meant greater accessibility to appointments, less pressure on the on-call doctor, and improved prescribing rates in certain areas.

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